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Vintage 2014

After winter dormancy, the vines wake up in warm, dry weather.
Despite a cool and humid summer, the very sunny September allows the optimal ripening of the vines.
The harvest will start in mid-September under particularly favorable conditions.
2014 stands out for its balance, structure, and intense color.
This aging vintage reveals supple and silky tannins!
It is the very expression of Pinot Noir.

Vintage 2013

In 2013, the weather was quite cool and humid.
Flowering took place a few weeks late: coulure and millerandage were there.
A beautiful summer allowed the grapes to perfect their maturity.
However, September disrupted the final stretch to optimal maturity with rains and a warm atmosphere which caused the appearance of botrytis on the vines.
We duly redouble our attention and vigilance.
Despite all these hazards, the modest harvest was very qualitative.
Thanks to the small yields, the 2013 vintage appears with a lot of material, fruity, fleshy, greedy with a nice freshness. It can be appreciated in the youth of its fruit!

Vintage 2012

Despite a mild winter, February was very cold with very heavy rains.
Many climatic vagaries (humidity, rain, hail …) caused millerandage and run-off.
The yield was particularly low.
Fortunately, the climate turned in favor of the vine, the grapes were going to be very concentrated.
The harvest began under the sun and the grapes were very healthy.
The juices provided showed a very good balance.
Despite all these difficulties, the 2012 vintage is excellent but rare vintage.
The wines are textured, fleshy, while expressing pure and fresh fruit.
This vintage has very good aging potential.

Vintage 2011

The vegetative cycle started very quickly and very early following a dry winter and spring.
Maturity is however hampered by rain and the cycle returns to its classic periodicity.
The harvest began in early September.
The wines show a good balance; they are greedy, balanced, and fine!

Vintage 2010

The 2010 vintage is marked by very difficult climatic conditions.
The rain and the cold of spring disturbed the flowering causing coulure and millerandage.
The start of summer was hot and sunny; on the other hand, August was marked by an alternation of cold and heat.
The month of September was catastrophic and the harvest began at the end of September. The yield was very low.
The wines have a very tight texture, good acidity that will maintain its freshness and youth.

Vintage 2009

After what can be called a real winter, frost, snow, rain, the bud burst was very early.
During its maturation phase, the vines were able to take advantage of ideal climatic conditions: sun and heat were there.
The harvest began around September 10, the grapes, picked in a perfect sanitary condition and ripe to perfection!
The wines are sumptuous, of rare elegance, like the greatest vintages in 9!

Vintage 2008

The winter was very harsh, especially in March and February.
The cold caused a bud break later than in previous years.
Summer promises to be rainy and windy.
Fortunately, the 15 days preceding the harvest were magnificent, very bright, and north wind (dry and cool).
The harvest began in the last week of September and lasted until the first week of October.
The sorting was severe, of course, but the wines obtained from healthy, ripe grapes are very good.
The dresses are sustained, the mouth of great density with a very nice balance and an incredible sweetness of the tannins.
The 2008 vintage has very good aging potential.

Vintage 2007

The winter was very mild. The growing cycle started in mid-April almost three weeks early.
However, from the last week of May, everything goes bad.
The climate is unstable with alternating heat, cold, thunderstorm favoring attacks by enemies of the vine.
The summer was very rainy but luckily the spread of gray mold was dampened by the cold.
The summer month of September offers ideal conditions for the harvest.
The 2007 vintage surprises very pleasantly with their roundness and suppleness: endowed with an exemplary aromatic quality where red fruits and spices mix.
These supple and gourmet wines should be consumed relatively young.